How do I give the GS441524 injections?

The injections are administered subcutaneously, meaning just beneath the skin. They should be given every 24 hours as close to the same time as possible for a minimum of 12 weeks. To ensure proper administration, the needle should not penetrate the muscle of the cat. The GS may cause a sting during injection, but the discomfort will subside immediately after the injection is complete. There are several helpful videos posted by our members and on YouTube that demonstrate the injection process. It is recommended to have a veterinarian perform the first one or two injections and instruct you on proper administration. Cats that are difficult to restrain for shots may require daily visits to the veterinarian.

Injection demo by Dr. Pederson

How to Give Your Pet an Injection with your partner


Entire process of giving a GS shot: from filling the needle, to wrapping the cat to hold him still, to doing the actual injection.