Our LIFETIME Guarantee

The FIP treatment lasts 84 days. After the 84-day treatment period, there is an 84-day observation period. If there is no recurrence of the illness during this time, your cat can be considered cured! We are the sole supplier offering a lifetime guarantee policy. If your cat experiences a relapse after completing the 84-day treatment program, we will provide the GS-441524 injectable medication at no cost.

Kindly review the following rules and regulations for our guarantee policy.

  1. Join the FIP Rescue Facebook Group.

  2. Initiate the FIP Treatment Process by Making a Post: Make a treatment post in the FIP Rescue Facebook group to start the process. Your post should include a laboratory report of your cat's diagnosis, including CBC and Chemistry blood test panels, videos of them walking, and photographs of their eyes.

  3. Contact Our Admin for Dosage and Supplement Guidance: Our admins Lauren Crystal and Hailey Moore will help you adjust the dosage based on your cat's current symptoms and weight and provide you with an appropriate treatment plan.

  4. Continue Treatment for at least 84 Days:

  • Update and record your cat's progress in the Facebook group every 2 weeks (at least 6 times in total).
  • Follow our admin's instructions and advice.
  • Use only the 84 days of treatment from the MAXPAW and do not mix GS medicines from other sources.
  1. MAXPAW Guarantee Policy: The guarantee will take effect on Day 1 of the Observation period (check with your admin to confirm treatment completion). If your cat experiences a relapse after the end of the treatment, we will provide free doses (amount of days determined by our vet).

  2. Required Documents for MAXPAW Guarantee:

  • Fill out the Blood Work Record Form and update it for your admin every month (this form will be included in your package)
  • On week 12, submit the blood work record prior to completing the treatment (required for approval of treatment completion by MAXPAW Vets)
  • (A) Blood work test which includes CBC and Chemistry panel on treatment day 30, day 60 and day 80, it'll be three documents in total.
  • (B) X-ray (optional)
  • (C) Ultrasound (optional)
  • (D) Photo of cat eyes
  • (E) Video of cat movement and jumping
  1. Prior to Stopping Treatment:
  • Send one of our Facebook group admins all the required document that we have listed above, especially your cat's CBC, Chem panel document.
  • Wait for our admin's approval before stopping the treatment. Our admin reserves the right to extend treatment days or adjust the dosage if blood work markers indicate that the illness has not cleared or is improving slowly.
  1. If You Suspect a Relapse: a. Contact one of the MAXPAW group admins. b. Provide updated CBC, Chem panel, along with the following information:
    • Name
    • Type (dry or wet)
    • Ocular Lesions (yes or no)
    • Neurological Symptoms (yes or no)
    • Date of Start
    • Dose
    • Date of Birth
    • Weight (before and after treatment)
    • Gender
    • Breed
    • Medical History

If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, please contact our admins who have access to veterinarians and specialists in the field of FIP.