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Have questions about FIP treatment?  

Here is our contact info for speaking with our FIP specialist. Please reach out to her and join the community ASAP, so that we could take the action before it’s too late.😺😺

☎️ Call: (949)870-6763 (Stacey)

💬 FIP specialist :

🐈 FIP Community:

Our goals are:
1⃣️ To give you information about FIP treatment if you are not familiar with it and answer any questions you may have.
2⃣️ Give you an estimate of treatment cost based on the type of FIP your kitty has, weight and symptoms
3⃣️ Deliver meds to you as soon as possible if you decide to go forward with treatment. FIP is an aggressive disease, without having the GS treatment, it could be dangerous to life in a short. Our GS treatment has over a 90% cure rate with this treatment but communication with us is critical to success.