Sherry's FIP Story

Sherry is a 10 month old female British short hair, who unfortunately was diagnosed with wet form FIP. I first noticed an abdominal effusion starting to increase in amount. And I took her to a local hospital, the Vet told me that he suspected it was FIP but he could'd sure about it. And them we went to a lab where the Vet suggested us visit. After two days passed  i noticed Sherry was getting a lot worse. So emergency vet removed 450mL of fluid from her, Which was step i feel very regret about. Because it was building up again, and my poor sherry became super weak that she couldn't even move. When the moment I was about to give up, A friend recommended me MaxPaw, the final hope!

After a few days of getting treatments from MaxPaw team, Sherry was doing significantly better. she seems much happier and much more active! Thanks god sherry could break through this, Sherry is a FIP hero!

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