QiuMi's FIP Story


 QiuMi is a very handsome domestic short-hair that was diagnosed with wet FIP On June 16th, 2020, it was a Memorial Day. His most prominent clinical symptoms were anemia, 106º F temperature, and a growing belly. I chose MaxPaw because I had bought synulox meds from them for Qiumi's cold. MaxPaw team services impressively great, and Qiumi was being treated with it successfully. They were diagonosing his symptoms in patience and explaing us every detail about how to do the treatment.Since starting treatment, QiuMi has started playing and eating again, maintaining a normal body temperature, and acts like a normal cat again! His estimated last day of treatment is September 6th. I want to share me and QiuMi's story to help other parents so that more family like us could be saved!  At the time we started giving the injections he might have 2-3 days left to live. Within 24 hours after his first shot his eyes were clearing up and his inner eye kids were not showing anymore. His fever was also gone. Within 3 days the fluids in his belly were gone. We are on day 45 now and he is a true 6-month old kitten that plays, runs and cuddles with all the family member in the house.” Thanks to MaxPaw team, you guys are my hero!